Anne and I couldn’t wait to share our facilities with friends!  So even though we were still under construction, we held a private party.  For these few friends we rolled out our wine selection to see what they thought.  It was an evening full of great fun and laughter.   

To get unbiased feedback, we decided on a blind tasting.  As I poured, I listened to the comments and discussions.  Friends were interacting and taking their “job” seriously!  Most interesting was the speculation as to varietals and blends as each wine was sampled.

When the blind tasting was over, everyone voted on their favorites as we revealed the different wines. 

With this particular group, the big winners were our Friendship Red, Viognier and Tyler Rose.   It was a fun exercise for all.


After the sampling and reveal, all enjoyed specialty cheeses, fruits, smoked meats, crunchy coleslaw and gourmet chocolates.

We appreciate all who “worked” so hard at tasting and reviewing the different wine selections.

We can’t wait to share M6 with everyone.  Look for our Tasting Room to open in the very near future!  Join our email list for notice of the opening.

Our hope is that you visit our website often as our wine selection matures.  All wines are limited in production.  As one sells out, we will introduce new vintages.  Some of our offerings will be of very limited production.  We have wine in different stages of process, and we plan to add new selections as they are ready. 

We do not expect you to like all of our wines, but hope that you find some selections that appeal to your unique taste.