As the business owner, everything falls on these shoulders.  The “buck” is the only thing that does not stop here.  It flies right past me with light speed to pay the bills.

Although it has a responsibility, it comes with a feeling of power and control to make some decisions.

Take cigar night for instance.  Rick (a friend) and I were discussing that it might be nice to have a group of guys meet at M6 after hours to enjoy some wine and cigars and stimulating conversation.  I decided to call it a “Cigar Night” (just for guys).

We had our first cigar night and it was nice.  Friends came and it went much as expected.  In a few weeks we had another.  Cigar Night became “Guy’s Night Out”.  Cigars are optional.  I wanted all to feel welcome.  The next week it became “Philosopher’s Club”, because of all of the “philosophy” discussed at various tables.  Someone suggested that we might qualify for accreditation in pursuit of a B.S. degree through continuing education.  There is plenty of BS, I mean philosophy to wade through.

I was then told that philosophers club was perceived to be exclusive and some did not feel welcome to attend a private function.  Guys night out was introduced again until some of the guys want to bring their wives.  These guys have had their man card suspended for 10 days.  However, the wives came, obviously increased the IQ and attractiveness of the entire gathering and not inhibit the cigar burning.

The Philosophers Club thinks that Guys Night Out has taken their time slot.  Cigar Night fans feel that they were ousted by the Philosopher’s Club.  Anne still can’t understand why the girls want to be around those smelly cigars.  Next Tuesday was shaping up to be a rubble! 

So, like I firmly decided in the beginning and I am obviously unwavering in my decisions, Tuesday evening is now officially (unless you can come up with something better) Philosopher’s Cigar Guys Night Out with Gals. Cigars are optional.  Guys are optional.  Guitars are optional.  Gals are smarter and prettier.  Philosophical comments (BS) are encouraged as long as you agree with my way of thinking.

Everyone is welcome.  BYO cigar and spouse.