As the Barrel Turns...

The M6 family “boots on the ground” number increased this past week-end.  Daniel (AKA Chelbert) was be delivered to Chelsea and Robert; a bouncing baby boy.  Robert was calm, cool and collected as any expectant father might be.  He did not have his Go-pro or selfie-stick and he left his catcher’s mitt in the nursery at home.  How could he effectively expect to back up the doctor if Chelbert came out like a line drive that shot past the other attendants?

We got the call on Thursday morning; contractions!  I pulled out the duffel and mindlessly packed some odd items. Anne tells me that I’m doing everything wrong while she talks to Chelsea on the phone.  I realized that I should have prepared more.  I had bills to pay, paychecks to write, reports due that afternoon that should have already been filed and inventoried ordered.  Now was time to react!

The Strategic Air Command will probably re-examine their response protocol after hearing how we prepared for the trip, (either them or the Three Stooges).  I packed two starched shirts, an empty shave kit, yesterday’s dirty socks, gym shorts and dress shoes.  Then I go down to apply my business skills in record time. 


I will find out next month how much I paid on each bill.  Paychecks were exactly correct I’m sure.  All reports were filed on time and payments made.  I’ll makeup for the discrepancies and pay the fines next month also. 

I headed to the Tasting Room to prepare to leave it in capable hands.  In a short time, I handled everything to the point it took Clinton and Ben two extra hours to fix my mistakes.  I felt accomplished.

Anne is equally impressive.  She barks out orders like a five-star General.  I’m gone for nearly an hour before she realizes I’m not there.  The dog is hiding in his kennel.  She has prepared several meals in advance which she packs in the suitcase.  The cooler is full of shoes and crackers.  The celebratory wine and cigars however are packed with care, just in the wrong car.

Anne comes to the winery to organize last minute details for the staff in preparation for upcoming events.  She becomes distracted from her priority by inspecting my efforts and pointing out my mistakes and absentmindedness.  I am attentive as usual and don’t remember anything.  We leave our business in capable hands with a good feeling.  Titanic comes to mind.  By God’s grace, the expectant grandparents arrive in Austin safely.  The contractions now seem to be false labor.  Hmmmmmmm.