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As the Barrel Turns...

David is the youngest; the baby of the family.   He acts like the youngest.  He works that angle for all its worth.  Although he is the least experienced wine taster, he heads up Quality Control.  David now knows that red wines are generally red in color and white wines are not actually white.  The pink wine is called Rose’ (rose-ay).  He is very encouraging as a taster because he likes everything.   I hope he is fairly representative of the general populous. 

David thought the dump bucket was a decanter.  After a contemplative sampling the content, he asked which food paired best with that particular selection.  I suggested some of Pappy’s moonshine to kill whatever germs he had just consumed. 

David is single (dating with a purpose) and an Engineer in the Houston area.  He is particularly interested in computer software and programming.  He is currently designing an app for wine tasting. At least that is what he said after spilling wine on his new iPhone.  I believed him, so I dunked the phone in my Malbec.  I then learned that he was kidding...