"An exhibit of portraits of local Bullard artists, with representative works, will be happening October 14-29 at M6 Winery in Bullard. The portraits are of Bullard artists engaged in the process of creating their art and will be created by Bullard photographers Mike Provencher and Don Bristow.

The photographers will be showing 10 portraits, and each artist will exhibit 1 piece. Our hope is to show to the people in our city that we have a thriving arts community, and to encourage artists, and generate some sales. Our long range vision is to hopefully spur the opening of a gallery in Bullard which features only local artists.

The venue is the cozy M6 Winery in Bullard. Owners Joe and Anne Moody are interested in helping make downtown Bullard into a cultural hub. To test the waters, they recently invited Don Bristow, who is also an artist in his own right, to exhibit his show, CHAOTICA – A Fractal Vision of the Universe in July, 2016. His art was very well received." Mike Provencher